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Thank you for visiting my website! Here at Lucid Libra, you will find my original canvas paintings, as well as various types of journals that I have designed, featuring my artworks on the covers. Whether you are wanting to document your life, your recipes, your health journey, or one of your hobbies, my journals will allow you to do so. Journaling is important as technology has changed the way we document things so much. So few actually print photos on paper anymore. So few document any part of their lives outside of social media and their cell phones. Should technology ever fail, or come under attack, all of these things will be lost. I hope to bring back paper forms of documentation, to slow the disappearance of familial traditions, stories, and knowledge.

Three Reasons to Begin Journaling

1.) It relieves stress.
Sometimes, we just need to get it out, however, some of our deepest thoughts and feelings aren't something we are comfortable communicating. Being vulnerable in the midst of another human can be terrifying. Keeping a journal allows you to express and communicate these thoughts and feelings, without the fear of judgement or rejection of loved ones. It also enables you to look back on these thoughts and feelings later, and address the causes of them, and determine how you would like to learn and grow from them in the future. 



2.) It can help you stay more positive.
Spending ten minutes per day writing down your positive experiences for the day, can retrain your brain to focus more on the happy things, and less on the negative. If you are having trouble with depression, anxiety, or even if you are just in a bad streak of luck, writing about and bringing focus to the positive things in your life can help you to be more grateful and reset your mind to attract more of the good things you are hoping for.




3.) Family and Remembrance

So many of today's generations lack the knowledge, experience, and ingenuity of our ancestors. Family traditions have become obsolete, as photos and stories have gotten lost over the years. Technology and social media served as a temporary way for us to share our photos, experiences, and knowledge with the world. It has distracted our attentions outside of our families. But what happens when that technology is taken away, destroyed, or gone? All of those memories, all of those photos, all of that knowledge, everything is lost. Journaling, creative and journaling, and even scrapbooking can get us back to documenting all of these things, so that they can be handed down to the next generations of our families. Journals can be the saving grace for times of famine, disease, darkness, and tribulation. They can guide future generations to healthier lifestyles, productive and fruitful lives, and ultimately save their lives. Documenting things like recipes, gardening techniques, building knowledge, and so much more could very well be the way of the future.

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